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I seem to have come down with what is currently in head-cold stage, though I can tell it wants to move down to my lungs really badly. My sincere apologies to anyone I might have breathed on at yesterday’s meeting – I had no idea what was going on until Brandon and I were on the sidewalk to the Team Store after the event, and I had that kind of hollow nose thing with a hint of a sore throat starting up. My only hope is that it comes and goes quickly, because I have weekly tests in pretty much all my classes. This is not a good way to start the quarter.

Anyway, as a direct result of feeling not-so-hot upon arriving home, I just tossed up those photos and the summary from yesterday’s adventures, while completely ignoring some rather significant news that may or may not impact us in the future…

A little fairy dressed in a Chicago Cubs uniform (or Iowa Cubs, depending on how you want to look at it) swooped down out of the sky and stole Bryan LaHair away from us! Somehow I doubt many people will be terribly sad about this, but LaHair did have his supporters, and if memory serves was doing quite well for the Rainiers last year, vastly improving a lot of his numbers from 2008 to help them win the PCL. Will he ever be truly major-league ready? A lot of folks will say ‘no’, but I’d like to believe that he will see some more grass in the Majors. He had his own set of fans here; people made signs just for him, and I thought that was pretty cool, regardless of how I may have felt about his performance at the time (it was 2008, though, so I may, in the future, just give everyone a pass). I will miss seeing him in Tacoma. So good luck Mr LaHair, and take a coat – Iowa can get cold.

Vladimir Guerrero is now a Texas Ranger. This, obviously, means he’s still hanging out in our division. I feel like I should be worried about this, but I’m not. Maybe the high from yesterday’s event  is still wearing off, or maybe I’m just stupid, but I just don’t feel in any way at all apprehensive about this situation. They also signed Khalil Greene to a one year contract tipping toward the league minimum side (ie; not millions of dollars). I don’t know much about Greene aside from the fact that he reminds me of Jered Weaver and once broke his hand punching something more solid than he was while he was with San Diego, which resulted, perhaps indirectly, in a trade to St Louis, where things got a little worse. Texas apparently plans to use him in an infield utility role. This is actually kind of strange, because for some reason the incident in San Diego popped up in conversation or something the other day, and I was wondering what had happened to him. Now I know. I feel for anyone struggling with depression or anxiety, so even though he is on the opposition, I wish him well.

There was talk that the Minnesota Twins had made an offer to Jarrod Washburn the other day, but the most recent “news” is that he shot it down. There are still some folks that want Washburn to come back, just like there are still some who seem confused over the Kotchman vs. Branyan thing. Fandom is a sweet and hilarious thing.

At the hour that I post this, it looks like the Baltimore Ravens are taking the New England Patriots to school in the 2nd quarter. My affection for the Orioles leads me to believe that that’s quite alright. I just wish they were broadcasting the Packers game…

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