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To say the Mariners of the recent past weeks are sucking out more of my desire to write about them is putting it mildly. Sure there are other factors contributing to the lack of verbal action around here, but it’s hard to lose four in a row – even to one of the best teams in baseball – and still be upbeat about things. Especially given the manner in which those games were lost; no offense, no soul, no fight, not even a little bit of a spark. This is not to say that individual members on the team do not have those things; but the team as a whole has faltered in such a major way that they are unrecognizable from May or June. Sure, it was just four games. But we have, over the next 12 games; the Blue Jays, the Red Sox and Yankees – all away – and then the Rays here at home. And the remaining weeks after that really don’t get much better for us. I really wanted this to be a season where we weren’t waiting for the different ways a game could be lost, but I’m afraid it’s turning into just that.

In short? We’re screwed, and I have a mean case of the apathies.

The good news to come out of all of this, perhaps, is that the organization is finally tired of Carlos Peguero’s nonsense, and sent him down in exchange for Mike Carp. This is not a move that dazzles, but it is one that makes sense. Carp has a decent history with the major league club and can hit major league pitching. He can play multiple positions in the field as well; he’s sort of like a little Willie Bloomquist with -.01 greater WAR. And more facial hair.

All of this said, however, I still have not lost my will to watch the game. I may have glossed over a few more this year than I do normally, but I can honestly say I’ve tuned in to every game possible, and when not possible, at least kept an eye on Twitter to find out what was going on.  I still enjoy the game, and that’s taken a bit of soul searching this year to figure out. When your team is doing well and then is suddenly on the skids like it’s their job, it gets difficult; and I know I’m preaching to the choir on this one – many of you have had far more pain and suffering at the hands of this organization than I have. But there was a time this year where it seemed nearly guaranteed that if we entered a series we’d take it or split it, and those were nice times.  2009 times. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Just expressing my disappointment at what could have sort of maybe been, I guess.

Because of my location in The Pen (it would have been impossible to get space behind the dish, it was ridiculously crowded), I had to rely on the talents of the SafeCo Field camera crew, and the jumbotron. If you were not at Saturday’s game or weren’t able to watch it on TV, nearly the entire Mariners staff from 2001 were introduced on the field. When I first heard that the team was going to be there, I figured that they’d go for the easy targets; Brett Boone, Edgar, Jamie Moyer, Dan Wilson, and Buhner, the guys who still sort of live around the area. But no, they got the whole team (minus one that I can’t remember, but who is still active in the game and likely couldn’t make it). As an added story during my night…there were two younger guys standing behind me while I was waiting for a video opportunity. They were lamenting the fact that they had not gotten to the ballpark soon enough to get the souvenir 116 Wins shirt that was being given away at the gates. I had one nestled in my bag, and stood there mentally arguing with myself on whether or not to do the Nice Thing and give the guy my shirt. Then, Norm Charlton was announced and neither one of them knew who he was! No shirt for you! As it was, most of the people down there were about 15 or more years younger than I am, and most were milling around talking to each other, drinking, and barely noticing what was taking place on the field. I, however, was getting a little teary before going to get a torta and beer, and meeting my friends upstairs in  the bleachers for a game that was fun to be at, but was still lost.

I don’t know what my point is with any of this. I’m not angry with the team, I’m not going to stop watching games, and I’m certainly not going to convert to being another team’s fan. It just would have been nice, y’know, if May and June could have been the start of something, rather than the end of it.

Blue Jays and Michael Pineda tomorrow, up in Rogers Center in the beautiful city of Toronto. Early games all this week, which is nice. I can’t muster up much more excitement than that right now.

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