Section 331 is located on YouTube. I’m going to try and put things at that account that maybe don’t get posted here, and of course comments are always welcome, just stay civil, again, that’s all I ask. A lot of video from my attendance at Seattle Sounders FC games, along with “scouting” video from games with the Tacoma Rainiers and Everett Aquasox, the Mariners Triple A and Single A short season teams, respectively. And cats. Because YouTube.

My archives are set up at LiveJournal, back before I wanted a cleaner site. On top of all the ups and many downs from 2008, it also features my “coverage” of the 2008 playoffs and World Series, in all its bandwagoning glory.

As of late August 2009, I’m back on Twitter. Lots of game chat and the occasional 10-word rant about how I can’t sleep, or how annoyed I am with traffic. I frequently Tweet from games, and usually try to move the Twitter widget into the upper half of the sidebar when I do. Drama! Adventure! Baseball! What I had for dinner! #saturdaybus! All at Twitter!

I used to have a FaceBook account, but I very much dislike FaceBook’s constant changes and various privacy invasions (hide your kids, hide your wife), so I bailed. You won’t find my personal account there, either.