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I don’t know what this means for the long term, but my computer is still not healthy. My friend Jessica worked on it over the weekend (this is something she has been employed for in the past, lest any critics be quick to point out that having a friend work on your electronics isn’t always the best idea), and while she was able to make it easier for me to reconnect to our router, my browser is still in a constant state of DO.NOT.WANT. So between this recurring issue and the fact that my Dell runs, as Laura Dern would say, hotter than Georgia asphalt,  it’s looking more and more like I’m going to need to buy a new laptop, which could very likely result in no more photos here for the remainder of the season. Not to say that I won’t be taking photos, but part of my fun in maintaining this space is in bringing pictures and video to the handful of people who read it. I guess the comfort I can take in this happening this year is that the season is almost over; I can’t even imagine the amount of exploding my head would be doing if this was a winning season.

So I just checked the standings for the first time in a while, and it looks like maybe we could tip the A’s to come in third place this year. Maybe. This next month and a half is not going to be easy, so I’m not holding my breath, but the influx of new guys seems to have helped the Ms overall performance. We’re still losing, and we’ve still got our issues, but the heart-crushing daily beatings have stopped for the time being. Then again, we’re in Arlington for the next three nights, and I’m the champion of speaking too soon.

Because I haven’t written here for a while and also because pretty much anything that I would have to talk about is old news by now, I’ll pick some of the more entertaining searches out of the past week. Here’s how people are finding me lately:

chris ray beer:  Yes! I did have Chris Ray’s IPA (not its formal name, apparently) at last Monday’s game. I had to ask at two places down by the bullpen before I found it at the small liquor bar by the outdoor fireplace, but I finally got what the bartender told me was the last bit of it – the tap handle had already been pulled and everything. It was a pretty decent beer (IPAs are normally not my thing), and the proceeds went to a military veterans organization, so really, everyone wins. It had a nice nut-brown ale color and was not too hoppy like a lot of IPAs. I’d probably drink it again.

participating only cheer section at the sounders game:  That would be section 122, right behind the goal on the Brougham end of Seahawks Stadium (I refuse to call it by its current corporate name, sorry). You can certainly participate in either 121 or 123, and indeed a lot of the rest of the seats, but the only place where tifo are abundant and standing is required. Tickets are hard to find because the ECS pretty much “owns” it, and they mean it when they say “participating”. You’re standing, clapping, and singing for the whole game, or you will get some looks and comments you won’t like. Want to sit? Don’t get tickets in 122. I’m not saying this to be mean, just a friendly warning. They take their Sounders very seriously.

is food included in pressbox of everett aquasox game:  Yes, it is – but shouldn’t you be finding this information out from your editor?

“michael saunders” divish cancer:  At first I thought that this was a weird search, since the first thing that came to mind was the idea of ‘clubhouse cancer’, but then I realized that someone was looking for this story. I’ve been so out of touch with the Ms lately (compaired to normal computer operating circumstances), and even moreso with the Rainiers and AquaSox, but I had seen something on Twitter about it. My condolences to Saunders and his family. I’m very sorry to hear that this happened.

baseball batter stance:  Are you perhaps looking for this fellow? I almost bought his book at Borders the other day, but decided to wait a little, as I already have so much baseball reading to do it’s not even funny. I’m hoping to get it sometime this winter, when football is driving me crazy and I need a pickup.

did the mariners win yesterday:  Nope.

franklin gutierrez shirtless picture:  Can someone just make me a Photoshop of this so that there will be a reason for this search to keep coming up? Every time I see that search, I think of Chris Kattan doing Antonio Banderas on Saturday Night Live. “NO! TOO SEXY!” I sure hope these people find what they’re looking for soon.

I’m going to try and muster up a game post later if Tom doesn’t need his laptop. Otherwise, I’ll be watching Charlie Furbush battle Matt Harrison up close and personal on TV and not writing abut it. Oh, and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Juan Niscasio of the Colorado Rockies who got beaned by a comebacker on Friday. I can’t even watch the video, but there is a story here about it. It’s a sobering reminder that despite the game’s status as a game, it can be quite dangerous to the men who play it. Get better soon, Mr Niscasio.

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