Players, food, and beer, oh my!

Looks like RA Dickey is still on Minnesota’s ST roster.  I wonder if our management is regretting their decision to let him go? I did a brief tour of the AL sites yesterday, not much information, really. Baker mentioned this morning on Live that Boof Bonser (BOOOOOOF!!!!) and several others are on the DL currently, and the Twins pitching staff is having some problems. There are some funny new White Sox commercials. Even though I really dislike Pierzynski, his lefty prep commercial is pretty funny.  As for the O’s, Brian Roberts is apparently having some light injury issues; nothing big, but it’s kept him off the field for a few weeks now. Greg Zaun is also experiencing some elbow issues. Zaun is a few months older than I am, so this doesn’t surprise me; it also looks like Zaun is the only catcher listed for the team. I’d like to see them do well this year, and I’m bummed they will only play here once. I’m not sure what to wear – the Orioles jacket and an Ms hat, or what. I have to have some combo of weirdness for that game, if I wind up being able to go to it – it would be a day game, falling just at the time when I would be starting school. I may have to sell or give away those tickets, which would suck, but school is important, too. We’ll see what I can work out…

In the NL, since the Mets have a shiny new field, they also have shiny new food to go with it. I love the food at SafeCo, and wouldn’t trade it for the world, but we do have way too much burger/pizza/hot dog on the upper level. I guess there’s an Ivar’s up there, but honestly, if I’m going to be sitting for 3 hours, heavy fried food is the last thing on my agenda. It normally takes two of us to even remotely put a dent in a single tray of garlic fries, and even then I feel like I’ve eaten a bus. By moving away from section 331 this year, I have also increased the distance I’ll have to walk for a Fat Tire or Guiness, should I want one. I have a hard time justifying leaving my seat for anything other than the bathroom, and by the time the 7th inning stretch comes around, I’m usually not interested in another beer. I was debating doing a food write-up here. I already did a bit on the Mariners Tickets page.  Maybe a project for the weekend, in between visits to the Emerald City Comicon, where my friend Brandon is hosting a table, and several of my friends will be hanging out this weekend. Can I get an ‘amen’ for free passes?

Baker Live will be hosting a broadcast during Opening Day @ 1pm at Showbox SODO. I have still been trying to figure out what my plan of attack is going to be for that day. I wanted to drop by Hooverville and give them some money, but it doesn’t look like it is open just yet, and the possibility of it being open by OD are probably nil. This is a complete bummer, because I have NO desire to squash myself into the Pyramid beer garden like last year; we even went early, and it was still awful. So maybe I’ll be going to Baker’s event, instead. I try and park south of the venue so that I can get out of the traffic mess reasonably easily and get home. 

It’s coming down to the wire; only 3 more days! I actually got my season ticket holder guide in the mail just about 30 minutes ago. I can’t really put into words how excited I am, but if I were to try and type it, it would probably look like: akjn8u9njn87y`1rygvdmvodshrknr87uj11!!!!!!!!!#*%&Akqeu3q3ndj8#$!^*$($&%AFd!!!

EDIT; just in from Baker Live, is the word that Mike Wilson will not be making it onto the roster. Despite his stellar numbers, he hasn’t even played in Triple A yet, so he’ll be down in Tacoma. Man, the Rainiers will be something to FEAR this year, from the looks of it so far….

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