I Have No Creative Title For This Post

I am feeling fortunate that I didn’t put my foot in my (Twitter) mouth earlier today by re-tweeting some Prince Fielder rumors wherein Fielder was linked a little more concretely to the Mariners. I debated it for a few moments while on my lunch, and up until I checked my own account just now, had thought that I actually had. I don’t think anyone would have blamed me; it’s so easy to get caught up in the rumors at this time of year. But I try pretty hard to not get swept into the giant mound of crazy that is the Winter Meetings. As far as trades go, I prefer a reactionary approach to the situation. It’s easier for me, and makes things a little more fun and relaxed, rather than sitting around wringing my hands over whether or not the Ms will spend too much money this year, or not get the “right” guy, or do something I view as completely lackluster. At this point, I don’t even remember who started with the bit about Fielder putting the Mariners in his top three possibilities, but it doesn’t matter.

What I did retweet, however (I can’t believe that has become a verb in my common vocabulary) is a little thing about this. Yes, the Mariners asking about George Sherrill is barely a footnote in that post, but I know a lot of people who would be happy to have him back, myself included. We are a long way away from his excellent 2009 season (and sure, I can stuff 2008 in there a little, too), but for some reason I have confidence. I don’t know if it’s just because familiarity breeds comfort, but I would like to see him back here, with his straight-brimmed Mariners hat, back in our bullpen where he can nestle in and be safe. Sherrill’s never been paid anything too ridiculous, either, so I would imagine we’d be able to get him relatively cheaply. Minor league contract? Simple invite to Spring Training? Whatever we do, looks like we might be in some competition with the Colorado Rockies for Sherrill’s services. Come back to Seattle, George. It may be an irrational desire, but it’s all I have.

Not really much to talk about today, unless you count the fact that the Marlins seem to have lost their damn minds lately. I wouldn’t think they’d have enough money, after shelling out for a stadium that looks like it got vomited on by Fat Tuesday, but maybe the reasoning here is that they need to stop treading water at the bottom of the barrel, win some games, and bring in some fans. I just don’t know if I see Albert Pujols as the kind of guy who would bail on St Louis. Then again, I’m a terrible judge of character, and maybe Pujols wants a change of scenery. The rest of the park looks like it’s going to be nice, though, and the whole Marlins franchise is getting a facelift, so between that and the money, it might be a good lure. I don’t know much about the Marlins as a team. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure if the park is even a consideration for players when they make these kinds of decisions. I know it might factor in for me, if I had a choice. Whatever happens, there is a whisper that it might happen tonight, at the first link above, so maybe this will all be moot by the time I wake up tomorrow. Pujols isn’t coming here, so I’m not going to worry about it too terribly much.

In the meantime, I guess we wait and watch the hilarity as the meetings continue and gossip gets tossed around. I will keep myself reigned in OHMYGODJAMIEMOYER!!!

EDIT; Yes, it is snowing on the page, you are not seeing things. Because I know there were complaints last year, that is nothing I can stop, it’s all WordPress’s deal. Bear with me until December is over

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