I can’t quit you, baseball

I’ve been meaning to write for a few days now, but my computer’s internet connectivity has been testing my patience. Apparently, there is a known bug with my particular model of laptop, where it craps out, oh, right after the warranty expires. Typical.  Anyway, the computer is giving me hassle, and to be honest, everything that’s happened so far this week has just been overwhelming and sad. The 17-loss record breaker and subsequent 9-3 win slide stopper over the Yankees: sure, we set a record, but it was the wrong kind. Rick Kaminski, our beloved “Peanut Man” has passed away:  I never sat in Rick’s sections, but I knew all about him and his behind-the-back, always-on-target tosses of bags of roasted peanuts. From what I could tell, he seemed like a good guy, and it’s always sad when any hometown character or staple of the home game is lost. And in outside Mariners news, former Yankees pitcher Hideki  Irabu was found dead of an apparent suicide. Suicide is a subject that hits kind of close to home for me, so I find it tremendously sad when people decide that there is nothing further this life can offer them, or vice versa. And as if all of that isn’t enough, just earlier today, Ryan Langerhans gets traded to the Diamondbacks to make a bit of room for our new Triple A guy, Wily Mo Pena. I am pleased because he’s still on my radar, being with the DBacks, but bummed because it means that he’s not here anymore. He does get to go to an organization that’s at least still above the waves at second place in the NL West. I should be happy about this, but it’s just like pouring salt on a sucking chest wound.

Adding to this wonderful pile of terrible is that Erik Bedard’s  first start back from the DL was a slightly-over-60-pitches, 4 strike-out, not-even-two-inning Tampa Rays hit- run- walk- and score-fest. And Aaron Laffey came in to tighten the noose; by the time the top half of the second inning was over, the Rays had collected 8 runs, and we had collected…not a single one. I’m totally not going to get on Bedard for this; the guy was coming off the DL, and pitching for a team whose offense has apparently decided to take a nice vacation on a tropical beach somewhere for the second half of the season. Sure, our pitching in general has not been happy fun times since the All Star break, and yeah, that makes Bedard’s first start a bit of a sting, but I look at it this way; the scouts for superior teams took off early, having seen what they wanted (or most likely didn’t want) to see, and I enjoy the fact that the buzzards didn’t get their roadkill today. And I would like to trust and believe that Bedard will get better.

So as I’m writing this, it’s the bottom of the 6th, and the score is still 8-0 Rays. Dave Sims is talking to a former Sonics player, and Root Sports is on split screen, because frankly, what’s going on with the game isn’t much to really write home (or a blog) about. It looks like not only will I be going to Monday’s game vs the As with my season package, but also to Tuesday’s game with Brandon and Jessica. They haven’t seen The Pen since the remodel, and in fact haven’t been to a game once this season. I am looking forward to Brandon’s wit to help inject some levity into what might be a bleak few hours at the ballpark. Well, bleak on the field, but fun at the park. Also of some interest to me and probably a few other folks, is the fact that Chris Ray has a beer that is being served down at The Pen. It’s an IPA, and normally I am not a fan of the IPA and it’s ilk – but I will happily, uh, take one for the team as it were, in the name of tasting something new. And hey, maybe Chris Ray is a better brewer than he is a pitcher, so really, this is a win-win situation for everyone; not that Chris Ray isn’t good – he had quite a nice 7th inning this evening, actually…I better stop before I dig myself a nice shiny hole. Still love all of you Mariners. Kisses! Ciao! I’m going to watch the rest of this and finish my wine.

EDIT; great. The crowd is chanting “We want base hits!” So say we all.

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