Getting down to the wire

This isn’t going to be much of a blog post. I’ve got 15 minutes on lunch, and our systems run so slowly here that I don’t have much time to fact check or put links up or anything fancy like that. New computer is ordered and as soon as my payment clears, it will be on its way. I am really chomping at the bit here, not having a solid stream of information coming to me is making me feel like I live in some sort of baseball vacuum; and I kind of do.

I’ve been paying attention to the playoffs, though, and watching what I can when I can. The Rays/Rangers series has already been decided, and I’m rather apathetic about it. The Rangers being a direct opponent makes me against them, so you’d think I’d be in favor of the Rays. But the Rays did far too much damage to my confidence a few years back when they fell to Philadelphia, so I – perhaps subconsciously – jumped off that bandwagon and never got back on. Then again, now I’m on Philly’s wagon, so I don’t know what that says about me. Any team that makes it this far is a good team, so I guess the least I can do is congratulate Tampa for making it as far as they did, and hope that something happens to Texas over the next few days that renders it obsolete in 2011. I’m not holding my breath, because I’m terrible at calling stuff like this, but a girl can dream.

I did not watch the entirety of the Brewers/Diamondbacks game last night, because I just couldn’t. I watched the night before, and it was a good game, and I got to see JJ Putz, and I was happy. But last night’s game could have ended it for Arizona, and I wasn’t ready to see them go. I paid a little attention on Twitter, and was able to switch to TBS for Putz’s last out of the night, a nice pop-up to first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. It seems to me like I might have been holding my breath for that one, but I cannot remember. I was so glad to have the series tied and a game 5 forced, I couldn’t really think of anything else. I’m really happy for the ex-Mariners on that team, though if you’d have told me earlier this year that Willie Bloomquist would be on a post-season team this year I might have rolled my eyes. Nothing against Arizona, and I’ve always really liked Bloomquist, but it is kind of a surprise, you have to admit. I think I’m definitely in the minority with wanting the Snakes to win; everyone else seems to be very pro-Brewers. I just can’t. If they win they win, I won’t sell all my stuff and cut my hair off or anything, but I’d prefer to see Arizona get farther up the ladder this year.

I haven’t bothered much with the Phillies/Cardinals series, as I have a lot of confidence in the Phillies. I’ve watched them when they’re on and I’m home, but I haven’t really been riveted. I’m not worried. Maybe I should be, but I’m not. I realize that there is a high chance I will regret this statement in a few days.

Which brings me to the Yankees/Tigers battle. They’re tied, and I think anyone who knows me or reads this can pretty much figure out whose side I’m on. Even if Doug Fister wasn’t on the team, I’d still want the Tigers to win. But I’m overjoyed for Fister; going from zero run support here in the Pacific Northwest to the feisty bats in Detroit must be like being saved from drowning. Or death. The game tonight is on at 5, per the Tigers online calendar, which means I’ll be getting home just in time to do some dishes, pour myself a nice glass of wine, sit down, and hopefully witness the jumping dance at the end of 9 innings being performed by the foam claw warriors. I’ll even take extra innings, so long as the “right” team is jumping at the end.

OK, that’s it. I have to get back to work. Just wanted to check in. I’m still here, still going to write, still hanging out with baseball.

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