Fridays at SafeCo

And seriously, I am very thankful for the end of the week. Five more weeks of this hot mess of school and freedom will finally be mine. I would launch into a tirade about how sick I am of getting up early for the privilege of driving to Edmonds/Mountlake Terrace from West Seattle, but this is a baseball blog, so let’s stick with that, shall we?

I didn’t have any time to do a write up on Thursday’s game, but I did get down to the bullpen to take some photos, so that’s what we’re going to have here.

Doug Fister, getting warmed up in the bullpen. I got several shots of him, and believe that one of them might be frame-worthy. I have a huge crush on his wind-up – it’s very similar to Jarrod Washburn’s, but Fister doesn’t have his knee up nearly as high as Wash did.

The bullpen guys, getting lined up for the National Anthem. I haven’t been down there all year out of laziness, and now I’m kicking myself for it. I forgot how much fun it was taking pictures of these guys. Even in such a bad season, they still manage to give a shot at trying to make things fun – or, at the very least, remain “one cohesive unit”. David Aardsma and Jamey Wright are rocking this weird one-sleeve thing.

Keeping with tradition from last year, everyone high-fives Fister before he takes the field. I hope John Wetteland sticks around for a long time. The difference between a Wetteland bullpen and the pen under Mel Stottlemeyer is as different as night and day, losses or no.

And let the weirdness begin! You can’t see the other guys in this picture, but they are all gathered around in kind of a circle. Garrett Olson is slapping John Wetteland. I don’t want to know why – knowing why or how whomever is chosen from the group to take part in certain aspects of these games would completely destroy it for me. Brandon League also has magnificent teeth.

And with that, happy Friday, everyone!

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